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September 2018

Buy that plane ticket. You’re off to see some of the best and most famous artworks and historical artefacts in the world.

Vatican Museums

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Where: Vatican City, Italy
Entrance: EUR17 for a standard ticket. Concession prices available.

Centuries of artwork, religious artefacts, and treasures collected by popes in the Catholic Church are found here in the Vatican Museums. Row after row, room after room, gallery after gallery – the exhibits at the Museums hold historic and religious value to the world. The typical tour culminates in a visit to the Sistine Chapel, where you’ll see what is arguably the most iconic High Renaissance fresco in the world: The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo.

The Louvre

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Where: Paris, France
Entrance: EUR15 at the door, EUR17 online, free for visitors under 18

But why else are you in Paris, if you’re an art lover? The Louvre is home to many of the world’s most precious artworks, including that one from Leonardo da Vinci (if you have to ask which one, all the more reason to go). For an extra EUR12, you could follow the daily guided tours at 11am or 2pm that will take you through highlights at the Louvre and make it worth your visit.

Natural History Museum

Image Credit: Unsplash / Yeo Khee

Where: London, England
Entrance: Free (with charge for certain temporary exhibitions)

You haven’t fully appreciated the age of the dinosaurs until you’ve seen the most complete Stegosaurus skeleton ever found at the Earth Hall in this museum. Even if you’re not a dinosaur fan, there’s so much else to learn about the complex history of our planet at NHS, which we highly recommend setting aside an entire day for. Don’t miss the 25.2m-long blue whale skeleton, suspended from the ceiling in the Hintze Hall!


Image Credit: Pixabay / Frank Lloyd

Where: New York City, United States
Entrance: USD25 for standard ticket (concession prices available)

The spiral rotunda that is the Guggenheim is an easily recognisable fixture of the Big Apple. Within, you’ll find exhibitions, both ongoing and temporary, of artworks comprising Impressionist, modern and contemporary masterpieces from the likes of Picasso and Degas. A general admission ticket will give you access to all exhibitions as well as the daily 2pm guided tour.

Uffizi Gallery

Image Credit: Pixabay / Dalibro

Where: Florence, Italy
Entrance: EUR16 for low season (Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec), EUR24 for all other months. Concession prices available.

Many masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance period are housed here at one of Florence’s top attractions. The building itself is steeped in history: once upon a time, it was built as the offices of magistrates before the famous Medici family started using it to keep their art collection. The collection expanded over centuries, of course, and now includes exquisite works from the masters of the Renaissance – Raphael, Botticelli, da Vinci and Titian are just the tip of the iceberg.


Temporary exhibitions you need to see

The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer: Masterpieces of The Leiden Collection

Image Credit: Getty Images

Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia
When: 5 September 2018 – 13 January 2019

You’d only be in the presence of 82 works by some of the most influential Dutch artists including Rembrandt and his students – these exquisite masterpieces are from the famous Leiden Collection, which is considered one of the most important private collections of Dutch art. This particular exhibition has travelled to Beijing and Shanghai before coming to Russia, and will also feature non-Dutch artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

Art Basel

Image Credit: @artbasel on Instagram

Where: Miami, United States
When: 6 – 9 December 2018

Art Basel is one of the world’s biggest art fairs, and for good reason: it’s ground zero for curators and collectors who want the cream of the crop of the art industry, from big contemporary works to pieces from up-and-coming artists. During this time, expect Miami to be buzzing with inspiration.

Van Gogh Dreams

Image Credit: Van Gogh Museum

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: Until 13 January 2019

Interestingly, this exhibition won’t show you any of the famous painter’s works. Instead, it will allow you to experience what he saw and felt during his emotional journey from Paris to Arles, where he was inspired and painted many of his most iconic works.

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Image Credit: @vamuseum on Instagram

Where: London, United Kingdom
When: Until 4 November 2018

It’s the first time that Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s personal artefacts are being exhibited outside Mexico for the first time. The V&A exhibition will give visitors a look at her life through over 200 objects comprising her wardrobe, jewellery, makeup, photographs, and letters, as well as some of her most famous artworks. Some of the items are testimony to her own physical struggles, adding a heartbreaking twist to the inspirational exhibition.


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