Whether you’re a self-professed pasta snob, or just someone who enjoys the heartiness and warmth of a good pasta, this Italian staple is irresistible to many.

There are a lot of Italian restaurants in Singapore that actually do a pretty good job dishing up these strands of goodness. But one place in particular that stands out for me is Tipo Pasta Bar. 

You can find this pasta-café along North Bridge Road in a quaint shophouse space, which actually once housed Hyde & Co. The people behind this restaurant also run other popular joints like Working Title Bar, Afterwit Mexican Tacqueria and The Great Mischief.


Lots of choice to pick the type of pasta and flavour.


I enjoy coming here because it’s different and really a rare find in Singapore. They make their pasta from scratch, and change their pasta offerings regularly. If the in-house specials on their menu are not exciting enough for you, you can always “build your own pasta” (BYOP), where you can choose from a variety of infused short and long cut pasta, and a range of flavours such as Tipo’s house special, beef ragu; and the sweet and tangy Pomodoro.


Go with friends so you get to try more in one sitting


But if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! As a cream-based person myself, I recommend getting the Crazy Carbonara. Start there, and then customise it to your liking and add any preferred toppings you want. They have basic ones like arugula and kalamata olives, as well as the more premium and extravagant ones like black lumpfish caviar and blue mussels.

For starters, you should try the Truffle Tramezzini. It’s a delicious plate of melted mozzarella on tender beef bacon in brioche bread with black truffle pate. I’ve heard a lot about it but didn’t get to try it the last time I went there because it was already sold out.

Come for the pasta, but make sure you leave with pictures so you can share this great place with your friends on Instagram. I have some tips that can help you get that perfect shot.


Making that perfect pasta from scratch.


When you’re there, make sure you get a shot of the staff making the pasta from scratch (ask them first instead of just taking a photo without their permission). It is after all one of the most interesting things about Tipo.


My BYOP: mafalde pasta, beef ragu, extra virgin olive oil, grated parmesan, white button mushroom, black lumpfish caviar, sauteed prawns ($21.90). 


If you get the BYOP, make sure you style it in a way that highlights the details of the various ingredients you’ve ordered (I added caviar in mine!). And always come prepared; know what you’re going to order ahead of time and bring along some props if you really need to make your picture that much prettier.

Pro-tip: Tipo is always fully booked. To play safe, reserve your seats a week before heading down.


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