Just because we can’t get out of the country anytime soon, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy nature. Look around; Singapore has so much to offer beyond its concrete jungles, shopping districts and malls.

There have been many park connectors and upgraded parks sprouting across the city. But one that deserves a special mention, and which I consider a hidden gem is Rower’s Bay Park. It is part of the 60km first phase of the Round Island Route (RIR) that is slated for completion in 2035, and located near Yishun Dam. Although it’s far from “civilisation”, it’s actually quite accessible by public transport (there’s a bus stop nearby).


Great for picnics too.


I didn’t know this place existed until I saw a post on @exploresingapore.sg on Instagram. It looked like a really unique place; and when I checked it out, I wasn’t disappointed. 

It’s so beautiful, that it doesn’t even look like it’s part of Singapore. I guess that’s part of its charm, and a good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, it’s not crowded, which is a plus point in this pandemic.


Plants and modern infrastructure living in harmony with each other.


What you’ll see here is a beautiful boardwalk that lets you get closer to the water, a lookout pavilion, lots of swales and a wetland, which doubles up as food and shelter for the wildlife there (if you’re lucky, you can spot Grey Herons and Copper-cheeked Frogs!). It’s also a great spot for people who love fishing, jogging and cycling!


Sunsets are amazing here.


But what does it for me is the sunset. Make sure you check the weather forecast before heading here so you can take great photos of the sunset for your Instagram feed, and pretend like you’re on a beach somewhere in Bali.

When you’re shooting the sunset, make sure you focus the camera on the colour of the sky so that you can capture the sun in its full glory. Sunsets are also a great backdrop to take silhouette photos; you just need to reduce the exposure settings on your camera.

Look around you and take notice of things that might help you capture something unique. You could even try taking photos of the ripples on the water that reflect the beautiful colours of the sunset.


Find your zen at Rower’s Bay Park.


Come for the sunset, and leave with a peace of mind. Take photos, but remember to always take a moment to relish in your surroundings too. Most of the time, the place I go to is enough to inspire me to shoot. I tend to “breathe in” the place before I start taking photos. Shoot at unique angles by looking for seemingly odd perspectives. If you want to be different, then you’ll need to go beyond what your eyes can see. 

The last time I was there, I bumped into a sweet couple who was sharing a bottle of wine while watching the sunset. We had a nice conversation, and they shared that they missed the earlier part of the sunset, so I showed them what I had captured.


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