While khanom jeen (or fermented rice noodles) with curry sauce is a popular dish in Koh Samui (or the whole of Thailand, in fact), Pa Taew Khanom Jeen is an underrated place that is highly recommended by the locals.

Although the curry here may taste more mellow than some other places, one thing to note is that they insist on using freshly squeezed coconut milk made from the coconuts in their garden. Perhaps knowing that they take such pride in the quality of their ingredients adds to the tastiness of their curry. The restaurant also serves rice with a selection of toppings to choose from, and the menu changes daily.

As khanom jeen is usually a breakfast or lunch dish, this place is only open in the morning till early afternoon. You can choose from a variety of rice noodles in different curry sauces, and add on fresh or pickled vegetables to take a bit of the heat off the curry. The best part is, Pa Taew Khanom Jeen's rice noodles with curry sauce only cost 40 baht each!

The signature rice noodle that should not be missed is the Koh Samui-style coconut milk. It is made of concentrated coconut milk, fragrant turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, and the store's very own southern curry paste. The ingredients are simmered with grilled fish, giving it a mellow and spicy taste.

For those who prefer less spicy dishes, Khanom Jeen Nam Prik (rice noodles with sweet & sour curry) might be a better choice. It's also made from coconut milk, but is simmered with sugar, resulting in a slightly sweeter taste. For a slightly different experience, mix in the southern curry paste and ground nuts with cucumber that's available on request.

Another favourite is Khanom Jeen with green curry chicken – which comes with a rich coconut curry, chicken chunks, and brinjal.

Lastly, a signature dish not to be missed is the Khanom Jeen Gaeng Tai Pla (sour fish organ soup). The curry comes with fish and vegetables such as pumpkin. We recommend having this with side dishes so that the fishy taste doesn't overpower your tastebuds.



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