If a tropical-themed stay is what you're after while in Koh Samui, then make sure you check yourself into The Stay Chaweng Beach Resort for a night or two.

It's a vibrant, modern tropical boutique resort just minutes from the popular Chaweng Beach, and home to a rooftop restaurant, as well as a beachfront bar and hangout, OOK OOK Social Beach Club.


For those who love flora and fauna, the common areas are decked out with giant murals to complement the tropical theme. This extends out to the lush foliage on the resort grounds, which can be seen through the floor to ceiling windows that also let in heaps of natural light.


Located all around the resort are chill-out spots where you can relax with a snack or drink, or hang out with friends from different rooms. These areas are also stylishly done up, which makes them perfect for the 'gram!


With lush greenery lining the pathways of the resort at every turn, you might even feel like you're not at a beachfront resort for a moment, but exploring a jungle instead!


As inviting as the resort's outdoor pool looks, the beachfront bar is where the party's really at. You can choose to enjoy the view from the banana-shaped beanbags, or head out to sea on one of the resort's paddleboards, kayaks or aqua tricycles!


The resort's tropical theme extends to the rooms, with the wood finishes and wallpaper a clear reflection of it. And if you book a room with a balcony, you'll be able to step out onto the terrace, right up next to the coconut trees planted all round the resort's premises.


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