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Flattening The Curve
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Focus up. If you’re not paying attention, you might wander right past this very nondescript location (despite the fact that it’s just on the corner) and miss out on some of the finest fried chicken known to man (says me), thus rendering your NYC trip incomplete, and we certainly wouldn’t want that. 

The Commodore is not your average local Brooklyn bar for the simple fact that the food and drinks are downright delicious. That makes it worth the hassle it is to wait and/or find a table if you so happen to venture in at a busy time. And once you scope out a table, grab it since it won’t be empty for long. 

Once you’ve grabbed a table, place your order at the bar – here are my suggestions:
(1) Fried Chicken Plate, because that is very much so the singular reason you are here. It’s enough to feed two so don’t get too crazy, especially since it also comes with biscuits. Heaven-sent biscuits. 
(2) Nachos. Because always nachos. These of which are covered in some magical queso. 
(3) A Commodore cocktail. Watch yourself, two Rum Punches can set you back for your next morning, but they’re like everything else in this bar - so bad for you that they’re incredible. 

Tip: There’s outdoor seating in the back. Venture past the kitchen to the screen door and you’re all set for a solid night. 

Image Credit: thegrubstreet.com
Tortilla chips with a queso dip, paired with a classic frozen margarita.

The backyard is a great place to while away an afternoon or night.

Late nights always lead to more food. Specifically, nachos. Always get the nachos. Also, the veggie burger is pretty great.

Opting for an early dinner or snack will ensure you snag a table.

If the thought of hunting a seat down stresses you out, you can increase your chances of snagging a seat, and a great one at that, if you come between 3 - 4pm when the kitchen is closed. That’s also when the brunch crowd clears out, and you can grab a drink while you wait for the kitchen to reopen for dinner.


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