With a recipe that’s been passed down three generations, it’s not difficult to see why so many love the pho at Tiệm Phở 1954. 

To be honest, I discovered this place completely by chance. I’d passed by on my way home many times, and finally decided to go in one day.  

I like that they use fresh beef bones for their soup and do not add any MSG, so I can consume it without any worries. Plus, the service is really good as the staff are well-trained and extremely helpful – that’s why I keep going back! 

The vintage logo of Pho 1954.


The first thing you see when you step into the restaurant – I really love the bundles of onions and garlics hanging behind the glass.


Pictured is the main chef of Pho 1954 cooking for me and my friends. I enjoy watching her assemble the bowls of food in front of us – sometimes the anticipation of the food arriving soon even makes my stomach growl a bit too loudly! 

Yay! My bowls are ready. For better flavour, I suggest adding chilli, a squeeze of lime, vegetables and some sauces. The dough fritters on the right-hand side are known as “cháo quẫy”. In the northern parts of Vietnam, people usually have “cháo quẫy” with soup dishes. 


I’m really into the font and the package design of Pho 1954. It reminds me about the olden days in Vietnam. I like the way the restaurant covers spoons and chopsticks to keep them clean.


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