Credit: The Urban Lifestyle Magazine, Saralee Urupongsa
May 2020

Many travellers might have dreamed of sleeping in a 6-star luxury full serviced hotel at least once in a lifetime. But for adventurers, hiking, zip-lining and defying gravity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience they want to have. “Skylodge Adventure Suites” is a hanging guestroom suspended in air that answers their needs, and that contributes to the fame of Cuzco Valley of Peru, as much as Inca and Machu Picchu do.


“Skylodge Adventure Suites” is a luxury clear glass capsule lodging, where hikers will find solace and comfort after a tiring climb. Once you get to this capsule, you will find your most deserved reward that's worth the climb – a fully furnished room with soft beds and bathroom all within the same capsule. Most importantly, this is the world’s very first idea of Capsule Hotel on a Cliff. 



Being 400 m above the ground, any visitor who checks in to “Skylodge Adventure Suites” can enjoy a panoramic view of the field in the middle of the valley. When the night falls, visitors may lie down to enjoy viewing the romantic sky of millions of twinkling stars through the glass ceiling. This creates a new travel destination in Peru in addition to its ancient civilization tour.



Although there are only 3 capsules, they can accommodate up to 8 guests, with the central dining room for breakfast and dinner. The capsule is a large size glass, and every guest will climb up the cliff and zip-line out of their bedroom to head to the dining room. Compared to these, a short distance walk from the bedroom to the dining room is nothing.

Don't worry if you're not a climber. Before lodging, there will be a team to guide you how to use the equipment. There are also alternate routes of different difficulties. Even though it may take you more than an hour to get to your room, that valuable experience will be your once-in-lifetime memory of the challenge you have overcome.


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