Did you know that Singapore has 64 offshore islands surrounding the mainland? Of course, not all of them are open to the public.

You probably already know the usual haunts like Sentosa and Pulau Ubin. The former has attractions ranging from theme parks and adrenaline-pumping activities, to spa retreats and relaxing staycation getaways; while the latter has trails that would satisfy any nature-loving tree hugger.


A fun shot I took on Lazarus Island. 


But one island in particular that has me going back for more is Lazarus Island, which is actually linked to St John’s Island. This place makes me feel like I’m not in Singapore, making it a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s way less crowded than Sentosa (pro-tip: go on weekdays if you want to feel like you own the island).

One of the best things about this island is that it’s not hard to get to (the ferry ride is only 15 minutes!). You just need to take an MRT on the North-South Line to Marina South Pier (NS28), come out of Exit B and walk to the Marina South Pier ferry terminal. Once you’re there, purchase a ferry ticket to St. John Island (or better yet, do it online prior to your trip). It’s S$15 for adults and S$12 for children aged 1-12.


Golden sand, clear waters and blue skies – just some things you can expect on the island. 


The island is known for its relatively pristine, clean and quiet beaches; something that’s almost unheard of in our city (sorry Sentosa, ECP, WCP and all the other beaches). It’s definitely the perfect spot to enjoy a nice picnic, a stroll along the beach or even a swim in the clear waters!


A natural forest with many different species of plants. 


If you love nature, you might want to explore the “forest” too because the island is home to quite a number of interesting species of plants, as well as mature trees that are even older than you. Otherwise, just look around closely and you’re bound to find some pretty flowers and butterflies too!


A different POV of Singapore. 


Whenever I’m out for a shoot, I usually try to focus on finding things I wouldn’t normally find in Singapore; or just things that are unique to this place (like the clear waters and majestic forest). What I like to do on the island is to go to the very end to enjoy a different view of Singapore’s skyline.


Remember to bring props to play with when shooting; for example, I used a mirror against some bushes and played with angles until I found one that looks nice enough and pretty unique to me


To get there, head to the main beach area. Facing the beach, make a left and head towards the end of the beach. When you’re there, walk along the pavement until the end and tada! If you manage to find it, take a photo here and tag #UOBTravelInsider (and me, @yafiqyusman) on Instagram so we can see your wonderful masterpiece!

There are a few important things you should take note of before heading to Lazarus island:

  1. Remember to stick to the maximum number of people allowed for gatherings as Lazarus Island is still within Singapore’s jurisdiction.
  2. The frequency of ferries between Lazarus Island and the mainland is very limited.
  3. I suggest going in the morning so you have more time to fully experience the island.
  4. There is not a single shop on the island. So make sure you bring your own supply of food and drinks if you need.
  5. Umbrellas, wellington boots, rain ponchos... bring whatever you need in case it rains. The last time I was there, I experienced a sudden rainfall and got so drenched. Of course there are shelters, but they're few and far between. Better be safe than sorry!
  6. Before I went, I heard there’d be a lot of cats, but only saw like one or two. You might need to look for them!

There's really a whole lot to explore on this tiny island, so unleash your inner adventure, get out of your comfort zone and get curious!


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