Ca Tru singing is a traditional art form in Vietnam and is believed to have religious origins. Established in 1990, the Ca Tru Hanoi Club has been organising performances and has taken great effort to preserve and spread the art of Ca Tru through engagement with the masses.

Through their activities, you can learn more about the history of Ca Tru and instruments used in the performance before trying your hands at playing them. The activity is held in a temple, so you’ll feel right in the moment to boot.

As a Vietnamese, Ca Tru is of great cultural importance to us, and this is such a fantastic way to keep the art form alive both to locals and visitors to the country. If you like discovering new music and instruments, you’ll love this rich cultural experience.


This is a temple at the Kim Ngan communal house - one of the oldest space in Hanoi. Built in the 15th century, it is a window into the past and exhibits Vietnam’s true historical culture and beauty.


Mid-2011, it was chosen as a meeting place for lovers of Ca Tru singing. Regular performances take place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening.


The artist in this photo is playing the ‘dan bau’ monochord – a traditional Vietnamese instrument used in the art form. What’s special about this instrument is that you can play any melody on it with just one string! The monochord comprises just four parts - a bamboo tube, a wooden rod, half a coconut shell, and a silk string. 


This is my favourite part – learning how to play the instrument after enjoying the wonderful performance. The performers themselves will give you guidance on how to play so you know you’re learning from the best!


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