The Long Bien Bridge is evidence of Vietnam’s history as a French colony. First opened in 1903, it was built by renowned Parisian architects. 

Long Bien Bridge is now a landmark of significant historical, architectural and cultural value for the people of Hanoi. Plus, it has amazing views of the Red River.

This is the perfect area to take your bike for a spin or go for a stroll. My bicycle and camera are my must-haves when visiting this site. Oh, and did I mention the breeze you’d enjoy while exploring this histori-cal site? 

Couples – don’t miss this!


Serein Café by the Long Bien Bridge arguably offers the best view and vibes. We often go there after work to sip on cocktails or mocktails while taking in the wondrous scenery.


I get transported back to my childhood whenever a train comes by. I always remember being a kid and my parents taking me on vacation by train. To date, the sound of trains still triggers in me a sense of euphoria that one gets just before a trip. If you are the same, make sure you check out the train schedules before heading down.


A simple shop on the bridge selling their produce of corn and bananas. The colourful handmade signs and (very) friendly owner adds to the rustic atmosphere.


As a graphic designer, I love observing typography on vintage buildings, and the surrounding area is a paradise for it. This road marks the end of the path around Long Bien Bridge and is where I have fond memories with my hubby. He used to take me here on the weekends while we were dating for some fresh air. Very romantic and I can’t recommend it enough to couples.


Grab a photo on the train tracks (IF YOU DARE!) – but please check the train schedule first.


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