Hanoi's old quarter has been the heart of the capital for as long as time goes back. It's worth spending a few hours wandering through the Old Quarter - it has 36 streets in total! Remember to bring a map with you or use google maps to navigate if you don’t want to get lost.

Old doors, gates and alleys. It is rustic and beautiful which makes for great Instagram spot! If you’re looking to grab some good shots on your trip, look no further!


Old streets. I love wandering around Hanoi old quarter since it’s where you can see a myriad of activities as people go about their day to day lives. It gives me inspiration for my work. The color combination of the old and new things are stark - you can see very old shops sandwiched between the new building. It’s quite a sight to behold!

If you happen to spot something you’d like to buy, don’t forget to bargain. It’s like one of many hobbies of Hanoians (we love to bargain even if it’s over just a little amount of money) and nothing makes us happier than when we can have things at the best price.



I often come to this coffee shop right in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter with my friends after breakfast. Occasionally I’d have tea to switch things up, but mostly a cup of coffee.

At just 25.000 vnd (around $1), it’s very cheap. For the 8 years I’ve been here they’ve stayed exactly the same almost as if frozen in time. Be sure to look out for hidden gems like these!


This is by far my favorite photo. In the golden hour, the lady sits perfectly in the scene. Take the time to wander and don’t rush, and you’d see how truly beautiful the city is.


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