Charming flavours, good variety, and cosy place are some of the ways people might describe Đậu Homemade Restaurant. Here, you can taste simple, yet delicious Vietnamese food that originates mostly from the North, like Hanoi. 

I got to know this place when I was in university as it was nearby. Once I stepped into the restaurant, I felt like old Hanoi was all around. This is truly an ideal place for people who want to try Northern food in Saigon.

The best part is, you can even watch a traditional water puppetry show on the first floor while you enjoy your food! 

Front view of Đău Homemade Restaurant on Nguyen Van Trang Street. One special thing about this restaurant is that I can attend a traditional water puppetry show on the first floor.


This is the signature dish of Đậu Homemade Restaurant. I usually order two sets of “Bún đậu thập cẩm” (all-in-one). Don’t hesitate to ask the waiter to make your tofu crunchier, and make sure you have it with “Mắm Tôm” (shrimp paste).


The sauce is really important for this dish. I usually have two spoons of sugar with some lime and chilli. 


For those who love tropical fruit drinks, this lemon tea is the perfect complement. It helps balance the flavours and makes the food even tastier than it already is!


The restaurant can get quite crowded at night, so I recommend visiting in the afternoon instead. It’s also decorated with many replicas of famous paintings, especially Tranh Đông Hồ, a line of folk painting that originated from Đông Hồ Village.


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