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October 2020

With most of the year spent in Singapore and leftover annual leave to clear, now’s the absolute best time to pick up a new skill! Who knows, these skills might even prove useful on your future travels. Be it a chill afternoon spent learning a unique craft, or an action-packed activity guaranteed to get your heart pumping, here are 10 workshops to check out!

1. Create your own perfume at Scent by Six

Image Credit: Klook


Wonder how your favourite scents are created? Scent by SIX offers hands on perfume workshops that walks you through the basics of perfumery. This two-hour workshop is great for couples and friends. You’ll even get to take home your own 10ml bespoke perfume creation! 

Cost: S$41/pax 
Workshop duration: 2hrs daily from 10AM – 12PM (N/A on Sunday)
Address: Bugis Junction #01-15, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021


2. Test your limits at Singapore Freediving Academy

Image Credit: Singapore Freediving Academy


Nope, freediving isn’t the same as scuba diving. For the uninitiated, it’s essentially diving without relying on an air tank – which is totally badass. Singapore Freediving Academy offers basic pool classes, as well as various open water courses where you’ll get a certificate upon completion.

You’ll learn proper breathing techniques to dive to depths of 10 to 30 meters comfortably. Future you will be thankful on your next ocean adventure!

Cost: From S$170/pax 
Course duration: 1 Full day – Check the calendar for upcoming sessions
Address: Email to inquire


3. Upgrade your photography skills at Phocus Academy

Image Credit: Phocus Academy
This picture is actually taken at Lower Seletar in Singapore!


Always wanted to improve your photography but never found the time? Now’s the perfect opportunity to do so! Phocus Academy offers a four-session practical photography course (S$320), as well as a seven-session course (S$480) for those who have more time to spare. Learn the intricacies of photography and apply concepts such as the rule of thirds!

More familiar with iPhone photography? Opt for the one day iPhone photography workshop! You’ll learn how to take stunning shots that put DSLRs to shame. Your Instagram feed will definitely get an upgrade.

From S$220 
Course timings: 2–3hrs — Check the calendar for upcoming courses


4. Be a ninja for the day at A2 Parkour

Image Credit: Klook


Looking for a career change? Try being a ninja for a day! At A2 Parkour, you’ll be pushed to challenge your limits while learning the basics of parkour – climbing, jumping over obstacles, and more! Opt for the join-in or private parkour classes if you’re new to the sport.

Want something a little tougher? Try the flip classes, where you’ll master the various flipping techniques!

Cost: From S$29/pax
Address: Free Runner Lodge, 261 Lavender Street, Singapore 338794


5. Relax and recharge at the Academy of Yoga International

Image Credit: Klook


2020 has been a hectic year and one of the best ways to unwind is perhaps a yoga class — especially if you’ve never tried one! Yoga has tons of benefits, including muscle strengthening and stress reduction. The Academy of Yoga International offers both online and in-person classes, and doesn’t require any prior yoga experience. You can even arrange for a private yoga class for you and your friends!

Cost: From S$18.50/pax
 Class Schedule: Refer to the calendar
Address: 753 North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 198721


6. Become a certified kayaker with Singapore Canoe Foundation

Image Credit: Singapore Canoe Foundation


Here’s a fun weekend activity for you and your squad — a kayaking certification course! The Singapore Canoe Federation offers 1 through 5 star courses. The beginner 1 star course introduces various kayaking techniques like reverse sweep strokes, as well as what to do when a kayak has capsized.

The 12-hour 1 star course is tons of fun, and a really good workout. Collect your stars and soon you’d be able to explore the seas on your own! 

Cost: From S$80 
Course duration: 6hrs over 2 day for (1 Star) — refer to calendar for upcoming course dates 
Address: Kallang Water Sports Centre, 10 Stadium Ln, Singapore 397774


7. Create your own pottery masterpiece at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Image Credit: Klook


Turn mere lumps of clay into a stunning masterpiece at the oldest surviving brick-built kilns in Singapore! Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is a three generation family business founded in 1965, and it uses the same traditional pottery methods till today!

Cost: From S$35/pax 
Workshop duration: 2–2.5hrs 
Address: Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln @ 85 Lorong Tawas, Singapore 639823


8. Bake yummy treats at Palate Sensations

Image Credit: Palette Sensations


Got a sweet tooth? Palate Sensations offers a plethora of baking classes led by professional chefs. Learn how to make the perfect fluffy souffle, or a deliciously caramelised basque burnt cheesecake. For those who prefer savoury treats, discover the intricacies of baking your own bread and pastries!

Cost: From S$128/pax 
Opening Hours: By appointment only 
Address: Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore 138670


9. Take an Open Water Diving course at Dive Degree

Image Credit: Klook


Fall in love with the ocean by taking a scuba diving course at Dive Degree! Grab a couple of friends and take on the PADI Open Water Diver course, the most recognised scuba certification worldwide.

The course includes basic diving theory lessons, a pool session, and five open water dives led by experienced PADI instructors. Upon completion, you’ll be able to enjoy diving anywhere in the world!

Cost: From S$145/pax 
Opening Hours: 5.5hrs 
Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404


10. Experience an acrylic pour art at Room to Imagine

Image Credit: Room to Imagine


Here’s a fun new form of art — acrylic pouring! This 2.5hr workshop at Room to Imagine takes you through the three essential pour techniques to create beautiful abstract art. The best part about acrylic pour — it’s super beginner friendly. You don’t need an art background to create a masterpiece.

Cost: From S$60/pax 
Workshop duration: 2.5hrs 
Address: 395 Jalan Besar, #04-01, Singapore 209006

Forget wasting your next annual leave away bumming at home, why not try one of these workshops? Who knows, you might find yourself a new hobby! 

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