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May 2022

Don’t we all miss travelling to Hong Kong? A commercially vibrant metropolis with a fusion of Western and Chinese influences that makes for the perfect holiday destination — what’s not to love? As Hong Kong gradually eases its travel restrictions, we can start looking forward to the day when we can once again travel safely to the vibrant city! 

To help you with trip planning, check out this guide to 5 unique places you can explore in Hong Kong. 


1. Not your usual Hong Kong street market experience 

Hong Kong is famed for its street markets where a plethora of goods ranging from clothes to electronics and antiques are sold at wallet-friendly prices. However, if you’re looking for a

unique street market experience with Instagram-worthy backdrops, you have to check out the Goldfish Market located at Tung Choi Street



Every nook and cranny of this 300-metre market teems with a series of shops, stores, and stalls waiting for eager customers to sift through. What sets it apart, though, is its impressive display of critters for sale. 

With an array of vibrant marine life as well as aquarium design supplies and accessories, it’s a treasure trove for locals looking for a pet that will bring them good fortune. We’re talking about goldfish — an auspicious creature that represents abundance and prosperity in Chinese culture! 

While Singaporeans can’t exactly bring live fish back to the Lion City on their flight home, avid pet fish owners should take this chance to buy unique aquarium accessories ranging from sunken ships and cave ruins to Finding Nemo-inspired aquatic adornments. Plus, the shops here also house exotic animals like reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids — sights you won’t normally catch at other street markets.



Feeling peckish? Choi Street is home to a host of delectable local delicacies. You can indulge in the exotic “stinky” tofu or deep-fried pig intestine, or feast on some of Hong Kong’s classics including curry fish balls and the pineapple bun. The thought alone has us drooling! 

What’s more, if you’re still interested in checking out Hong Kong’s more famous street markets, you’ll be glad to know that the Ladies Market and Fa Yuen Street Market are just a stone’s throw away. 

Tip: Make sure to strap on a comfortable pair of shoes because you’ll certainly be doing a lot of walking in these parts of the city!


2. A different side of Hong Kong on two wheels 

A new cycling trail has recently opened in Hong Kong, allowing tourists to explore scenic areas at a refreshing pace as they ride along this trail. A treat for cyclists and those looking for a unique way to discover Hong Kong, the New Territories Cycle Network is a 60-kilometre, six-hour-long cycling adventure. Embarking on this arduous yet thrilling journey is a great way to make the most out of your time here in Hong Kong. 


Image credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board 


This long trail is built on existing tracts and takes you on a journey across Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan. During your trip, you will come across notable locations such as Yuen Long, Sheung Shui, Fan Ling, Tai Po, and Sha Tin. Keep your cameras ready because you are in for a visual treat. Think stunning seaside views and Hong Kong’s beautiful green landscape, which you don’t usually witness when immersed in bustling shopping districts. 

Kick things up a notch by embarking on the additional 22-kilometre trail between Tsuen Wan’s Tsing Bridge and Bayview Garden too! 

All the physical activity is surely going to make you hungry! So if you’re looking to grab a bite during your cycling adventure, there are two stops you must make. Grandma’s Dumplings at Sha Tin (one of the many suburbs you’ll pass by) is the place to go for the best dumplings. Referred to as one of the tastiest dumplings in Hong Kong, this delicacy is served fried or boiled alongside delicious broth.



Alternatively, grab dinner at Chan Hon Kee at Tai Po. It makes for a prime spot to sit down, relax, and eat at the end of your journey. Long queues outside the restaurant are truly a testament to their divine yet humble food. Their beef and egg claypot rice is one of the best you’ll find in Hong Kong and definitely a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike.



You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying any equipment as the Hong Kong Development Bureau will provide everything to riders. This includes bicycle rentals, parking spaces, refreshment/rest stations, and even first-aid stations so that visitors can have a pleasant and safe cycling experience whilst exploring the New Territories


3. Where history and art collide 

From heritage buildings and street art to local food and exquisite souvenirs, Old Town Central is a great place for visitors. The best part about this area is that you can explore its various areas on foot! It is one of the oldest yet most flamboyant districts in the city. 

Here, sloped streets and fashion-forward concept stores co-exist with modern art galleries and tea houses, as well as eye-catching street art. Old Town Central’s unique urbanscape certainly gives culture vultures something to look forward to during their stay in Hong Kong!


You can head to the intersection of Shelley Street and Hollywood Street for some vibrant red artworks with Bauhinia motifs. Or you can walk along the streets of Old Town Central to view other works of art from Danish, Korean, and American artists. These artworks range from mosaic-style mural works to graffiti creations.


Image credit: Duddell’s 


If you get hungry along the way whilst photographing street art, there is no better place than Duddell’s to satisfy your food cravings. This Michelin-starred restaurant will take your dim sum experience to the next level. They also offer premium Cantonese signature dishes and you can use their terrace space to enjoy Asian-inspired cocktails with a view! 

What’s more, you can also buy vintage goods and local-inspired jewellery as souvenirs in small shops along the streets. Jewellery fans, especially can head to Hong Kong Oapes to find one-of-a-kind accessories and souvenirs that are unique to the country. Walking around this district is truly a refreshing way to explore Hong Kong’s rich and diverse spirit. 


4. Lamma Island, your complete getaway 

Looking for another relaxing and high-spirited getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city? Lamma Island in Hong Kong’s great outdoors is the perfect place for visitors to experience the warm, easy-going lifestyle. The island is divided into two main hubs, Sok Kwu Wan, which is home to many outdoor seafood restaurants, and Yung Shue Wan, which is home to boutiques, novelty stores, casual restaurants, and cafes. Here’s an eat, shop, and sightsee guide for you to make the most out of your trip to this unique island.



If there is one thing you must try at Lamma Island, it has to be their seafood. The Rainbow Seafood Restaurant is the best place for tourists to enjoy an outdoor, live seafood feast. While you are here, be sure to try out their wide variety seafood dishes as well as their special shell-on shrimps if in season! If you’re not a fan of seafood, head out to Tak Kee and enjoy the cha chaan teng’s (tea restaurant) instant noodles and macaroni with shredded ham. This classic dish is a local favourite and a must-try when you visit this place!


Image credit: Lamma Rainbow 


After a hearty meal, you can visit the many stores in the area to shop for souvenirs accoutrements, and more. The Lamma Corner is the best place to be if you’re looking for unique gifts to take home. Tote bags, old stamps, coin pouches, or even the soy candles here have cultural significance or an interesting backstory. 

If you want to buy Lamma Island-related caps, t-shirts, and hoodies, head to Mush Store. Being a self-service store, you are sure to have a seamless and convenient shopping experience. With so many novelty shops around, your shopping experience here is sure to be a unique one.


5. Tai Long Wan, a way to escape from it all 


Tai Long Wan is considered one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong. Home to beautiful sandy beaches, glistening blue waters, long hiking trails, and waterfalls, your visit here will be truly satisfying and rejuvenating. Tai Long Wan translates to Big Wave Bay and is located on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula

This place is perfect for outdoor adventure seekers looking for a change from Hong Kong’s cityscape! Unlike the usual towering buildings and landmarks in Hong Kong, your visit here is going to be filled with mesmerising landscapes, hiking and surfing experiences, and even a night of camping under the stars. 

Consider staying overnight (one night or two is your best bet!) at this off-the-beaten-path destination. That way, you can make the most out of your pitstop by spending more time amidst nature.


Image credit: Mark Lehmkuhler 


Your hike begins at the Sai Wan Pavilion, which will take you to the beaches of Tai Long Wan. At the end of your short hike, you can visit the two most popular beaches, Sai Wan beach and Ham Tin beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even check out the two remote beaches in the area, Tai Wan and Tung Wan

The best part about these beaches is that they are seldom crowded! So you can lay out your beach mats and loungers, and have a pleasant sunbathing session in a tucked away spot. If you’re looking to try out water sports, Big Wave Bay is the best place in Hong Kong to enjoy a fun surfing experience! This is suitable for both pro and first-time surfers. Surfers can rent boards on the beach itself and even take surfing lessons.


Image credit: Tom Booth 


When you explore further around these beaches, you’ll come across a series of waterfalls and natural pools. Located in the hills between Sai Wan beach and Ham Tin beach, you can try your hand at a cliff-jumping experience here. If the adrenaline rush from that wasn’t enough, you can embark on another hike on the Sharp Peak Trail. This is a tough trail with rugged mountain paths and several steep climbs. But the scintillating view at the hilltop is truly worth the difficult climb! 

All those strenuous activities call for a nice meal. On Sai Wan, you can head to Hoi Shan Restaurant to enjoy tofu pudding with a nice view of the sea. If you decide to eat at the restaurants in Ham Tin Wan, you will have to make your way across a plank bridge. The restaurants here are quite affordable with the Hoi Fung Store serving up ample portions of chicken wings, fried udon noodles, breakfast foods, and coffees. You can also go to On Kee to enjoy cafe meals, beer, and wine. 

Spend your night in a camping tent by the beaches and lounge away to the sounds of the waves and the dazzling night sky. You are free to camp at any of the four beaches, and you can rent camping equipment from the beach restaurants. The perfect end to an eventful day at Tai Long Wan has got to be sitting by a bonfire and breathing in the sea’s fresh scent! This Hong Kong adventure is guaranteed to be different from your city experience.


How to get more out of your trip 

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