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May 2021

An island getaway just 15-minutes from Singapore and doesn’t require PCR tests and/or quarantines – sign us up!

In a bid for novelty, you might have explored a few park trails, or taken a bumboat to the neighbouring islands of Singapore. But what most people don’t know is, there’s a ton of cool experiences to uncover when you switch things up a little.

Experience sleeping in the wilderness, exploring on a kayak, or even just covering more grounds on wheels can give you a whole renewed sense of adventure.

Slather on some sunscreen and put on your favourite activewear, here are 5 ways to experience Pulau Ubin a little differently the next time you visit.


1) Go bird watching while kayaking through mangroves

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Ditch your binoculars and don on a lifejacket — here’s a fun way to go bird watching!

A unique kayaking-meets-bird watching experience, this adventure will bring you kayaking through the choppy open sea, then through tranquil waters of mangroves that are abuzz with wildlife. Thanks to the undemanding nature of this experience, it’s great for those new to kayaking as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for you’ll be getting acquainted with Kingfishers, Hornbills, Herons and more!



Tour cost: From S$83
Duration: 4 Hours
Difficulty: Easy 


2) Explore a different side of Pulau Ubin on wheels

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While we’re no stranger to cycling in Pulau Ubin, not many of us have actually explored the island in its entirety. To ensure you’re not missing out the best parts of Pulau Ubin, sign up for a guided bike trail.

This Ubin Bike Trail will take you to take you through lesser-known routes (literally off the beaten track) most visitors might otherwise miss out on! Head to the Pekan Quarry, visit the German Girl Shrine and enjoy the Western Straits of Johor or cycle to see nearly unspoiled beaches and coastal forests near Chek Jawa.

Your guide will also lead you to past rural sights on the island like fruit plantations, burgeoning mangroves, the last remaining kampong of Singapore and more.


Photo credit: Adventures by Asian Detours


Keep a lookout for native wildlife such as the wild boars, monkeys and water monitors that may cross your path.

Cost: From S$68
Duration: 4 Hours
Difficulty: Easy


3) Go on a sea-land adventure

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Can’t decide if you prefer to explore on a kayak or cycle through the woods? How about both?

This Paddle to Pedal adventure begins in the backwaters of the Sungei Jelutong. Paddle through the calm and serene waters of Jelutong and visit its mangroves where you’ll experience the sights and sounds of nearby Kelongs. Once you’re done conquering Pulau Ubin’s waters, head back to shore for a simple lunch at the village.

Afterwards, trade in your paddles for pedals and explore the scenic sights of Pulau Ubin on bikes. Discover the way of life at Pulau Ubin as you keep a lookout for wildlife native to this island and interact with friendly local villagers along the way.


Photo credit: The Travel Intern


Cost: From S$168
Duration: 8 Hours
Difficulty: Medium 


4) Kayak out to Pulau Ketam, a lesser-known island nearby

Photo credit: Adventures by Asian Detours


Not many know of this but there’s another island just off the southwest of Pulau Ubin to explore — Pulau Ketam.

The best way to explore is with an Open Sea Kayaking adventure. There’ll be quite a bit of distance to cover to get ready to push your physical boundaries a little. That said, it’s still great for beginners as you’ll have experienced guides to ensure you reach your destination in one piece!

Starting from the southern end of Pulau Ubin, kayak westward to Pulau Ketam and experience the serenity of paddling at sea.

Midway through the island, get up close with the mangroves that connect the two parts of Ketam Island together. Here you’ll spot a bunch of flora and fauna you wouldn’t normally see, such as different varieties of mangrove habitats, monitor lizards and grey herons resting in their habitat.

Cost: From S$80
Duration: 5 Hours
Difficulty: Medium


5) Camping Overnight at Pulau Ubin

Photo credit: The Travel Intern


While most of us might have visited Pulau Ubin, not many of us can say we’ve stayed past sunset.

Around 6PM, most visitors scurry for the last ferry out of the island. But if you wish to unveil a side of the island not known to many, pack a tent and gather your camping gear!

Once you’ve set up your tent, you’ll have sufficient time to explore the island in its entirety — catch the sunset, start a cosy campfire and cook up a feast for dinner.

There are three campsites to choose from — Jelutong, Mamam, and Endut Senin campsites. Camp permits are compulsory and need to be applied two weeks ahead.

Cost: Free
Duration: Overnight
Difficulty: Medium


Unleashing New Adventures With UOB Cards

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With luscious greenery and a rustic charm, this island deserves more than just a one-off visit.

Outdoor buff or not, when we embark on new adventures, we’re opening ourselves up for more moments of discovery. From now till 31 December 2021, sign up for any of the kayaking adventures or bicycle trails mentioned above at 15% off when you book with a UOB Card.

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