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July 2021

Now that Singapore’s Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) has kicked in, we’re all itching to venture forth with our adventure-loving buddies once more (safely in groups of five, of course). Just when it seems like Singapore might be too small for our insatiable appetites for exhilarating experiences, this list of local expeditions and activities might just surprise you. Explorers, if the compass is your best friend, and "tired" is nowhere to be found in your dictionary, these deals are just for you.


Go Mangrove Kayaking in Pulau Ubin

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Escape the concrete jungle and head into Pulau Ubin's lush mangroves with a Mangrove Kayaking + Biking Trail. Reconnect with one of Singapore's best-preserved nature havens in a 4-hour expedition on land or sea. Catch a glimpse of native flora and fauna in what would be an unforgettable weekend escapade to a rustic offshore destination. Don't worry if you're a newbie — you'll be guided with an Adventure Leader; all you have to do is turn up with a partner and excitement to fill a kayak. Plus, UOB Cardmembers get up to 15% off!


Conquer the Heights at Sentosa Island


Grab a few of your adrenaline rush-loving pals and smash out high elements at Singapore's very own island of fun. Towering at 24 metres, the Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH) (S$60) pits the interconnected participants against 24 different challenges. With five entry/exit points, multiple ways to descend the monster of steel, and customisable challenge levels, this is your go-to for an adrenaline-charged bonding session. UOB Cardmembers get an extra sweet 20% off to experience this for S$48 with the promo code OAUOB21.


Discover Untouched Nature in the Mainland

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Though Singapore might be small, your humble pair of legs sometimes might not suffice in keeping up with your adventurous spirit. Put them on a pair of wheels, and it's a whole different story. A frills-free option is SG Bike rental's Free 7 Days Ride Pass for UOB Cardmembers (Promo code: UOB + first 6 digits of your UOB Card). Take off to places like the Kranji Marshes, a 56.8-hectre freshwater marshland home to more than 170 species of birds that you'll catch a glimpse of. Hop off your bike and go for a guided walking tour of the core conservation area — all you need to do is apply prior!


Visit Singapore's Vanishing Tribes, Kelongs, and Kampongs


The orang laut are seafaring tribes living around Singapore, and they have a long, legend-rich history - they were amongst the first to meet Sir Stamford Raffles back in 1819. The Vanishing Tribes, Kelongs and Kampongs (S$136.90) experience provides an insight into these indigenous peoples, along with their lifestyles on kelongs. Pay a visit to the last remaining kampong in Singapore, and stop by Teck Seng's House, a traditional village home occupied for the past three generations on this rustic bum boat tour.


Go Back in Time with Colonial Architecture History


The colonial period in Singapore's history has definitely left a significant legacy in the form of prevalent architecture today. Meander the tranquil Alexandra Park Estate with the Black & White Heritage Houses Tour (S$92.64), while learning about the stories behind these houses; some former prisoner-of-war houses, others home to the British Regiment or even a chapel. This tour also offers the exclusive opportunity to meet one of the house owners and discover their collectibles and antiques dating back to colonial times.


Rediscover the Historical District of Chinatown


Think you know Chinatown? Well, find out through this two-hour cluedo-style adventure, where you’ll solve puzzles to get along your way in this outdoor escape room experience. Find out who’s the serial killer on the loose, while uncovering nuggets of history through characters and stories told by a professional guide. Make use of your S$100 SingapoRediscover Vouchers and have a fun day out with the Chinatown Murders Game Tour (from S$50) experience. Top-up an additional S$50 to have a one-hour behind-the-scenes walkthrough of Chinatown’s rustic hawker stalls, lunch on the house, and a S$25 voucher for future Tribe Tours. UOB Cardmembers who book through Klook before 31 Dec 2021 can enjoy S$10 off minimum spend of S$60 after applying SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.


As Above, So Below


Because breathing normally is mainstream, take a dive in the deep and be astounded by Singapore's biodiversity lurking beneath our waters! The Southern Island Exploration and Conservation Diving Trip (S$280) takes you to Singapore's pristine waters for not one, but two dive sessions in the day. Explore the dive sites at the Southern Island, and learn about ongoing efforts to keep our seabed clean. Sustainable exploration, along with a fab deal of S$10 off minimum spend of S$60 after applying SingapoRediscovers Vouchers? Count us in.


Venture into a Six-In-One Ecosystem


Maybe the best way to discover Pulau Ubin’s unparalleled biodiversity and heritage is by foot. The Pulau Ubin + Chek Jawa Tour (S$48) brings you through historic Ubin landmarks like Teck Seng’s Place, the old Bin Kiang School, and a Wayang stage, as well as the six major ecosystems in 100-ha Chek Jawa. From Jelutong campsite’s panoramic views, to the self-explanatory Butterfly Hill, it’s guaranteed that Singapore’s offshore nature hideout will be full of pleasant surprises. Off to the path less travelled!


For UOB Mastercard Cardmembers, rewards chase you while you chase that adrenaline rush: simply spend S$500 on travel-related merchants like hotels, attractions, and SingapoRediscovers Vouchers activities from now to 30 September 2021 to redeem S.E.A. Aquarium tickets. SMS registration is required so click on the links for more details!



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