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May 2021

May opens the window to a fresh breeze of social, sensual energy, with Venus fluttering into the sign of lively Gemini this month. Last month, we scoured Singapore for all the best activities to match your energies, according to each zodiac sign’s horoscope. This May, we’re doing it once more with a fresh curation, drawing on astrological analysis by SkyHoroscope. Here’s your handy guide to fun (plus some great deals for UOB Cardmembers) for the month.



The sextile of Venus and Neptune shines a rosy light on Aries’ relationships in May. If you’re coupled up, ride the surge of fresh feelings and spend more quality time with your partner this month. Singles might find it rewarding to mingle with new experiences – the new moon in Taurus occurs mid-May and boosts your personal growth, from career prospects to uncharted adventures.

Photo courtesy of Carlton Hotel Singapore


Astrological Adventure: Whether it’s cosy couple time or fresh pursuits you’re after, Carlton Hotel Singapore’s range of packages (from S$365) have you covered. Lovebirds can have a dim sum date with the Stay & Dine Package, featuring a set meal at the legendary Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant; if you’re itching to hone a new skill, how about a guided baking workshop with their Stay & Bake Package? For UOB Cardmembers, be sure to book through Klook using your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers – you can get S$20 off hotel bookings with a minimum spend of S$200!



With the Sun shining bright in Taurus, folks born under this sign are set for a bull run this May. You’ll be blazing with newfound confidence, making it prime time to return to projects or pursuits you might have put off out of insecurity. Your sense of independence is asserting itself this month, so use this energy to forge ahead with your personal goals. It’s a sunny time for career progression too.

Photo courtesy of Mega Adventure Park


Astrological Adventure: What better way to whoosh free from old fears than with death-defying zipline thrills? Sentosa’s Mega Adventure Park’s 450-metre-long MegaZip (from S$50) will have you soaring over lush treetops, more than 75 metres high. Strap in for a scenic, scream-your-lungs-out flight over Siloso Beach, finally touching down on its pristine white sands. UOB Cardmembers can book through Trip.com using the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to enjoy up to S$20 off tickets with a minimum spend of S$100.



Thanks to Venus entering Gemini this month, this air sign will find their already stellar relationship skills soaring. Catch up over a meal or indulge in wanderlust together – just keep one eye on staying prudent money-wise. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Gemini as well, so honeyed words and a quick wit will come easily to you.

Photo courtesy of Zafferano


Astrological Adventure: Whet your appetite for connection and company with Zafferano’s special 1-for-1 four-course set menu for UOB Cardmembers (usual price S$158). Soaring 43 storeys above the CBD, this sky-high Italian restaurant serves up house-made pastas and seasonal produce with a side of stunning views. Delights like tagliolini shaved over with winter black truffle and Black Angus beef tenderloin are sure to get the good times flowing – sweetened with a buffalo mozzarella cheesecake for dessert, of course.




The tumultuous influence of Mars – the planet of war and passion – shadows Cancer. On the one hand, you’re in the right headspace to take action in many aspects of your life, with your strong drive to explore your options right now. On the other, you’ll need to rein in your rasher impulses – impatience with others is a trap that’s easy to fall into. Taking a moment to step back will serve you well.

Photo courtesy of The Green Capsule


Astrological Adventure: The soothing act of caring for houseplants – or even just gazing at them – might just be nature’s best medicine. And for those of us without green thumbs, terrariums make the perfect low-maintenance route. Craft your very own desk accessory with The Green Capsule’s Open Terrarium Making Workshop (S$36.95) – this hourlong session will guide you on putting together succulents, mosses, and ornaments into a serene garden in a glass. UOB Cardmembers booking through the KKday app can enjoy 10% off for new users and 6% off for existing users.



With the Sun transiting through Taurus and slowing down the pace of things, this May will see Leos basking in inner peace. Though ever the active lion, you may be tempted to laze back from work and commitments – take it as a chance to recharge your strength for the months ahead. Your health might not be the best this month, so beat the flu bug with a one-two punch of fitness and wholesome fare.

Photo courtesy of Capella Singapore


Astrological Adventure: Where better to cocoon yourself than Capella Singapore? This luxe, lush Sentosa escape offers the best of sun, sand, and spa at your doorstep, with the Auriga Spa’s holistic treatments and culinary comforts ranging from mod-Chinese to Mediterranean fare. UOB Cardmembers get an even sweeter staycay with 15% off room rates and complimentary breakfast for two.



Under the auspicious influence of Jupiter – the planet of luck as well as learning – Virgos will find their hunger stoked for intellectual nourishment this month. Slake your curiosity with a dose of fresh activities or courses, both mental and physical. While you might need to watch your health, you can always channel your buzzing mind toward working on better habits.

Photo courtesy of Damon Lam on Unsplash


Astrological Adventure: If you’re game for an intellectual adventure, Singapore’s Disappearing Trade Tour (S$115.90) delivers in spades. This half-day tour takes you on an interactive whirlwind behind the scenes of some of Singapore’s oldest trades. Pick up traditional techniques for brewing kopi, explore old-school bread-making at one of our oldest local bakeries, and learn about the craftsmanship behind paper houses and songkoks. UOB Cardmembers, book through Trip.com with your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers for S$20 off a minimum spend of S$100.



May promises to be prosperous all round for Libra, thanks to the harmonious influence of Venus. It’s a great month to lavish attention on your loved ones – you can certainly look forward to being adored in return. On the business side of things, you’ll find yourself overflowing with novel ideas and plans for putting them into action. Leaps of faith don’t look too wild right now.

Photo courtesy of Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett


Astrological Adventure: Fire up your electric energy this month with an adrenaline rush at on the Giant Swing at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett (from S$49). This massive swing on Siloso Beach will send you flying over the sands at 120km per hour, 45 metres high in the air. Those who scream together stay together, so round up a couple of your nearest and dearest to take the plunge in a group of three. UOB Cardmembers can book through Klook using the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers for up to S$20 off attraction tickets.



Buckle in for an emotional rollercoaster this month, Scorpio. The new moon in Taurus is set to knock you out of your rut, which heralds new opportunities but can also turn that Scorpio aggressiveness up a notch. Let Venus’ influence temper your irritability, and work to put the romance back in your relationship with your better half. Relaxation is just what the doctor ordered – how about a spa trip or a short vacay?

Photo courtesy of Royal Albatross


Astrological Adventure: Maybe it’s the lulling wash of the waves, or just the sense of vastness all around, but being out at sea is one of the most soothing remedies we know. Hop aboard the Royal Albatross for a splash of romance and relaxation with the Sunset Sail – Dinner Cruise (S$208.65). Think a breezy three-course dinner on the upper deck of this luxury tall ship, complete with live entertainment and panoramic sea views. UOB Cardmembers booking through Trip.com with the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers can snag S$20 off tickets too!




The Sun is shining on Sagittarius’ productivity this May. You’ve got plenty of positive energy to propel you towards your goals, and your finances are on track too. Things are looking less rosy on the relationship front, with Jupiter’s influence fostering outsized and perhaps unrealistic expectations of your partner. Make it your goal to stay grounded and connected this month – you’ll be a better self for it.

Photo courtesy of Adventures by Asian Detours


Astrological Adventure: Staying rooted feels simple when you’re immersed in rustic surrounds. Get back to nature with a day of Mangrove Kayaking at Pulau Ubin (S$99.60), Singapore’s own rugged, wildlife-rich oasis. As you kayak your way through pristine mangroves with your partner, you’ll get scenic glimpses of kampungs and diverse birdlife. For UOB Cardmembers, be sure to snag your spot through the KKday app for 10% off for new users and 6% off for existing users.



Already driven and serious, Capricorns will be spurred on to hardworking heights under the influence of Mars. You might feel inspired to Marie Kondo your home, do some deep cleaning, or spruce up your workspace – in short, anything which gets you feeling more organized. You run the risk of being too harsh on yourself and others, so don’t forget to stay open to other perspectives and even ‘distracting’ hobbies.

Photo courtesy of RdytoGlow


Astrological Adventure: Here’s a fun outlet that’ll satisfy your busy-bee cleaning impulses too – a Cold Process Soap Making Workshop by vegan soapmaker RdytoGlow (S$118). Perfect for beginners, this two-hour session will have you customizing your own soap bars, crafted the wholesome way with natural ingredients, essential oils, and skin-nourishing butters. UOB Cardmembers can get up to 10% off tickets when you book through the KKday app.



With Venus square to Jupiter, your creative and fun-loving side comes to the forefront this May. Plunge into artistic activities, plan a little getaway for yourself, and be sure to invite your fam or friends. The influence of the Sun also means that you’ll be at your playful, persuasive best – prime time to refocus on strengthening your social bonds and home life.

Photo courtesy of Klook


Astrological Adventure: When it comes to artistic adventures, we can always count on Singapore’s buzzy cultural enclave, Kampong Glam, to deliver. Lace up your comfiest shoes and hit the streets with this vibrant Kampong Gelam Walking Tour (S$60), featuring a smorgasbord of hands-on activities. Try out drumming on the African djembe, give pottery a spin with a wheel-throwing lesson, and delve into vintage cameras at the Click Art Museum. UOB Cardmembers can book through Klook for S$10 off tours with a minimum spend of S$60, using the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.



Jupiter moves into Pisces from mid-May, ushering in a period of success and growth. Though naturally a sign that’s slow to warm up to others, you might find your powers of self-expression blooming during this time – and your career progress and investments look favourable too. It isn’t a time to sink into past regrets, though these may be stirred up around the full moon – focus instead on continuing to move forward.

Photo courtesy of Kyoaji Dining


Astrological Adventure: If there’s a colleague you need to thank or a business mentor whose brains you’d love to pick, the time is ripe to do it. To make an impression, how about a lunch treat with Kyoaji Dining’s 1-for-1 Premium Bento (usual price S$55++ per pax), specially for UOB Cardmembers? Set in the heart of Orchard, this sleek Japanese restaurant is known for its Kyoto-inspired flavours and fresh air-flown produce, curated omakase style.

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