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Flattening The Curve
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If I have had enough of Yogyakartan food, I treat myself to food in Mediterranea Restaurant, It serves traditional French cuisine in a nice setting with Yogyakartan prices – which means you can enjoy high quality authentic French food at about half the price of a meal in a French restaurant in Jakarta. It is totally worth it! That’s why it is one of my favourite restaurants to go with my friends and family, especially foreigners.


The owner is Chef Camille, or as he is better known here, Kamil. He is a French chef with 15 years of experience who came to Indonesia to live his dream and serve French and Mediterranean food in Yogyakarta since 2012. The restaurant has a bar with a good wine list, an outdoor dining area, and an organic shop (the only decent one in Yogyakarta). It is always full, so make sure you make reservations in advance. 


Being a regular customer, I have tried almost all the dishes on the menu, and like them all. Nevertheless, my all-time favourite dish here is Confit de Cuisse et Manchon de Canard (Traditional Duck Leg and Wing Confit) with Potato Gratiné as a side dish. The golden-brown duck smells good with its crispy skin, the meat is meltingly tender, and their creamy mushroom sauce elevates the duck’s tastiness. Their Potato Gratiné is to die for because it is cheesy, creamy and savoury. 


For starters, I like their succulent Beef Tenderloin Tartare. All their salads are served in a big bowl with fresh and crunchy vegetables, like Salade de Falafel or Salad Mediterranea, so it is better to share in order to have more space for the main course. Oh, and their desserts like Fondant au Chocolat and Crème Brûlée, are good picks to have for a gratifying ending.


If you are not too adventurous, you can order their wood-fired oven pizza, focaccia, burger, or homemade pasta – all of which are great. 


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