Cheung Chau is a popular island retreat. Just a short 30-minute ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and you will arrive at this picturesque fishing village, which is home to 20,000 residents. 

Cheung Chau is well-known for its non-nonsense village lifestyle – you will see older men gathered in groups, enjoying beers along the streets. And then hear the sound of mahjong tiles being shuffled competing with the constant banter and laughter of the players. 

The island is best known for its Annual Bun Festival, where thousands gather to witness participants climb their way up the side of a 18m ‘bun tower’ in the name of better prosperity. 

Today’s catch: Fresh seafood is caught nearby and is sold on the waterfront by fishmongers. The seafood can then be taken to a neighbouring restaurant to be cooked to your liking!

There are no cars on the island – the most popular mode of transport is the bicycle. You can also rent a bicycle or a tricycle and ride around the island from one side to the other.

Cheung Chau has many street vendors selling delicacies and snacks. Scallops and oysters (pictured), jumbo fish balls and glutinous mochi are some of the local favourites.


Love is in the air: Love locks allows you to display messages of love and affection to your friends and loved ones. 

The famous Cheung Chau steamed buns: Not only delicious with different fillings such as red bean, sesame paste, taro paste and egg custard, but these are also the focused for the famous Bun Festival.  


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