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Bali: Must See
Echo Beach Canggu - a surfer's paradise
Since I don’t surf I just enjoy watching the surfers go for it on the waves here!
Bali: Must See
Balangan Beach is the perfect spot for both surfers and lovers
Make the effort to get here and be rewarded with breathtaking views.
Bali: Must Eat
Spice up your life with a classic Balinese dish at Nasi Ayam Kedawetan
If you can take the heat, ask for more chilli for an authentic experience.
Yogyakarta: Must Stay
Amanjiwo is truly a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered
You won’t have to share your luxe surroundings with many here.
Yogyakarta: Must Stay
Greenhost is the perfect place to go green or go home
Discover Jogja’s agriculture and craftsmanship best right here.
Bandung: Must Stay
Enjoy European luxury just 2 hours away at GH Universal Hotel
A taste of Classical Italian living right here in Bandung
Bandung: Must See
Tebing Keraton: The perfect stage for sunsets
Experience nature from above
Bandung: Must Eat
Tofu Milk Lembang is susu good
Soft, smooth and a little savoury
Bandung: Must Stay
Pay close at-tent-ion to nature when you stay at Legok Kondang Lodge
Enjoy the peaceful environment with the calming sounds of fish swimming beneath.
Bandung: Must Stay
Camping takes on a stylish twist at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali
Wake up to a beautiful waterfront view every morning
Bandung: Must Eat
Always sedap at Seblak Bandung
Part spicy, part savoury, altogether tasty
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
Get a taste of the jackfruit of all trades at Gudeg Bu Hj. Amad
Sweet or savoury, this ‘City of Jackfruits’ favourite serves them both!
Bali: Must Do
Shopaholics will rejoice at Ubud Traditional Art Market
From everyday essentials to local souvenirs, this place has them all.
Bandung: Must See
Overcome your fears atop the Rengganis Suspension Bridge
Your reward? A majestic view of Rancabali lies at your feet
Yogyakarta: Must Do
Cave-tubing in Goa Pindul definitely won’t tire you out
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as a guide pulls you along.
Bali: Must Eat
Expect to be stuffed after this stuffed chicken dish at Warung Liku
Simple food in a simple setting – this is Balinese cuisine at its best.
Bali: Must Eat
Pig out on this crispy pork on rice dish at Warung Cahaya
Latecomers will leave empty-handed as this place sells out early!
Bali: Must Eat
Warung Bunana is a hidden gem in Bali’s most touristy area
Your prize for skipping the cafés is delicious roti canai & teh tarik.
Bali: Must Stay
Lie back and relax as Theanna Villa takes laidback to the next level
If quiet is what you're after, then this is the place to take it slow.
Bandung: Must Stay
Live inside while you're outside at Bobocabin Cikole
Wake up to the morning sounds of the forest
Bali: Must Stay
The waters are safe at Le Pirate Beach Club
Enjoy endless hours of relaxation by the infinity pool.
Yogyakarta: Must Do
Umbul Ponggok is full of fresh ideas for your holiday snaps
Ride a motorbike or send an email on a laptop in this freshwater pond.
Bandung: Must Eat
Drink in the sights as you sip something healthy at Yoghurt Cisangkuy
Best place for a beverage break when exploring Bandung
Bali: Must See
Enjoy front row seats to the symphony of waves at Melasti
The majestic limestone cliffs alone make your trip worthwhile.
Yogyakarta: Must See
Get your zen on with the bells of Borobudur
Indonesia’s most-visited attraction is not just for Buddhists.
Yogyakarta: Must Stay
The legacy of good food lives on at Plataran Heritage
These masters of Indonesian cuisine will keep you well-fed!
Bandung: Must Eat
Kartika Sari : Calories you're never sari for
Possibly the best bakery in Bandung
Yogyakarta: Must Do
Gondola your way to the lobsters at Timang Beach
Sunset is the best time to enjoy the gorgeous view on Panjang Island.
Bali: Must Do
Follow the journey of Ubud's origin at Campuhan Ridge Walk
The amazing view along the way is the biggest reward of your trek.
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
Look no further than Mediterranea Restaurant for French comfort food
Enjoy a Frenchman’s wallet-friendly take on traditional French fare.
Bandung: Must Do
Give Bambi a boop at Ranca Upas
Doe not miss a visit to this deer sanctuary
Bali: Must Do
Experience some spiritual guidance at Tirta Empul
Feel the calmness wash over you as you observe their rituals.
Yogyakarta: Must See
Watch a Javanese legend come to life at Prambanan Temple
Experience the story through a mix of dance styles, music, and laser shows.
Yogyakarta: Must Stay
Collaborative sustainability is here to stay at YATS Colony
Feel completely at home amid the lush greenery and minimalistic décor.
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
Deliciousness comes served on a platter at Madam Tan Restaurant
Tuck into tasty rice platters in a chic Peranakan-Javanese setting.
Bandung: Must Do
Trump the trails at Wisata Offroad Cikole
Go mad for mud
Yogyakarta: Must Stay
Birds of a feather flock together at The Phoenix
Those who love art, ambience and accessibility will love it here.
Bali: Must Do
The beauty of Bingin Beach is its versatility
Its location makes it perfect for surfing, tanning, and even fishing!
Yogyakarta: Must See
Discover the beauty of living like royalty at Kraton
Chat with the royal servants to learn more about the palace’s history.
Bandung: Must Do
Soak up brew-tiful sights at Rancabali Tea Plantation
Let stress evaporate on these fragrant green hills
Yogyakarta: Must See
Ullen Sentalu is where you learn about Javanese art and culture
See how building design can be artfully integrated with exhibitions.
Bandung: Must Do
Get transported to a movie set on Braga Street
Explore chic cafes and boutique shops against a European backdrop
Yogyakarta: Must See
Flock to Chicken Church for a bird’s eye view of the island
Enjoy a cuppa at the café with a spectacular view on the side.
Bali: Must See
Enjoy Double Six beach
A beach just opposite the cocoons, it is a well known venue for the young and beautiful.
Yogyakarta: Must Do
Even the non-adventurous will cave in to see the light at Goa Jomblang
Arrive early to secure your spot and avoid the darkness of disappointment.
Bandung: Must See
Kawah Putih: A mystical kind of pretty
This crater lake appears green up close, white from afar
Bali: Must Stay
The suite life is sweet at The Samata
End your trip on a high with with beautiful ocean and paddy field views.
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
The affordable options at Lock Tien are your key to eating well
Bring more people to try more dishes at Phuket’s ‘hawker centre’!
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
Sate your craving for Indonesian sate at Pak Pong
Feast on the skewered meats that are grilled with tender loving care.
Bandung: Must See
Witness the legendary beauty of Tangkuban Perahu
Level up your IG feed as you venture through the forest, crater lake, and mountains
Bali: Must See
The early bird catches the beautiful sunrise at Karang Beach
It's also a safe place to go for a swim to cool off after a stroll.
Bali: Must Eat
Gorgeous home goods and delicious food go hand in hand at Kim Soo Home
You'll want to take everything home after your first visit here.
Yogyakarta: Must Do
It’s hard not to lava the off road river experience at Mount Merapi
View the remaining treasures of Mount Merapi while you go off-roading
Yogyakarta: Must Eat
The noodles at Bakmi Mbah Gito will have you going back for more
Good things come to those who wait for food cooked on clay stoves.
Bali: Must Do
Relax at Blue Point
One of the most beautiful beaches in Bali is called Blue Point.
Bandung: Must Do
Drop-dead gorgeous views at Papandayan Mountain
Camp with your buddies 2.6km above sea level
Bali: Must Stay
Gather your loved ones at Soo Bali Villas White Stone for a rolling good time
Make beautiful memories to last in this gorgeous villa.
Bandung: Must Stay
Escape life's panda-monium at Dusun Bambu Resort
Perfect for those who prefer camping the traditional way

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