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Taipei: Must Eat
Tradition gets a modern update at Tua
Discover what reimagined traditional Taiwanese food tastes like.
Taichung: Must Eat
The cold treats at Fengchia Ice Cream Shop will warm your heart
Their generous portions make the shaved ice bowls perfect for sharing.
Taipei: Must Eat
East meats west in the most beautiful way at MUME
Taste the magic of an international lineup working with local produce.
Taichung: Must Do
Celebrate art, life, and colours at CMP Block Museum of Arts
Immerse yourself and be part of the exhibit in this open art space.
Taipei: Must Do
The East District is where you get the best of the East and the West
You know it’s the place to be when the young flock here to meet.
Taipei: Must Do
The night’s always young at Tonghua Night Market
Start early so you have enough room for all the delicacies on offer.
Taichung: Must See
It won’t take you take nine days to explore Jiu Tian Black Forest
Come for the sights and serenity; stay for the sunset.
Taipei: Must See
Fall in love with nature at Yangmingshan National Park
It’s a potentially hot and steamy affair that’s not to be missed.
Taipei: Must Do
Be spirited away to a charming old world in the town of Jiufen
Look out for the Japanese influence in this old gold mining town.
Taipei: Must Stay
Home Hotel Da-An will give you much to write home about
Though decked out in designer brands, this place will feel like home.
Taipei: Must Do
Gather at Commune A7 for good food and great vibes
Head outside for Western grub from the outposts of popular eateries.
Taichung: Must See
The lucky get rewarded with fields of gold at Wai Pu Wang You Gu
Come in May or June so you don’t miss out on this precious sight!
Taichung: Must Eat
Hit the bullseye with the dishes at Duan Chun Zhen Beef Noodles
The beef noodles may be the main draw, but the sides are good too!
Taichung: Must Stay
Keep it cozy and fuel up for your epic trip at the Millennium Hotel
When wanderlust comes knocking, many famous sights are within reach!
Taipei: Must See
The wall at Untitled Workshop is the pine-apple of everyone’s eye
Come for the pineapple wall; stay for the avocado toast.
Taichung: Must Do
Log off from the hustle and bustle of life at Dakeng
Blaze the trails of Taichung’s hiking playground!
Taichung: Must Do
Fun and shopping come full circle at Mitsui Outlet Park
Every nook and cranny at this vibrant spot is 100% Insta-worthy!
Taipei: Must Do
Time to raise the bar for cocktails when you bar-hop in Taipei
If customised drinks are your thing, these bars speak your language.
Taipei: Must Stay
Folio Hotel Da-An is definitely one to file away for future stays
Arts and architecture buffs will love their time here.
Taichung: Must Eat
Indulge in a melting pot of ingredients at Karuisawa for a great price
Their variety of fresh seafood and vegetables is worth braving the queue for.
Taipei: Must Eat
The Antipodean brings a bit of life Down Under up to Taipei
Everything about this café will put you in an upbeat mood for the day.
Taichung: Must Eat
You won't feel Hun-gry for a long while after your feast there
Take a break from Taiwanese food with some Italian favourites.
Taipei: Must Eat
If you seek a good cuppa, Fika Fika is your best bet
A beautiful space always makes the coffee taste even better.
Taipei: Must See
Creativity has no walls at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Level up your photo game as you soak in the culture.
Taichung: Must Stay
Paint the town red at the eclectic Red Dot Hotel
Who needs an elevator when a slide gets you straight to breakfast?
Taichung: Must See
Flowers are always in season at Spring Mountain Leisure Farm
Spring, summer, winter, autumn – there’s a shade of colour for all!
Taipei: Must See
Contemplate life amid contemporary art at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Be inspired by the best works from local and international artists.
Taipei: Must See
Arts and culture take centrestage at Huashan Creative Park
There’s never a dull moment here with the evolving creative landscape.
Taichung: Must Do
Fengjia Night Market comes alive once the sun sets
It’s never too late to go on a midnight food hunt!
Taichung: Must See
There’s more to National Taichung Theater than just performing arts
This landmark is also a dream for architectural and photography buffs.
Taipei: Must Eat
The only thing RAW about this place is its name
Get a taste of the freshest produce Taipei has to offer here.
Taichung: Must Do
Find your inner peace within the enchanting Da Jia Ma Zu
The best time to come is when the annual pilgrimage is in full swing!
Taichung: Must See
See the light at the end of the tunnel at Tai’an Railway Cultural Park
It may take longer to get around now, but the journey is just as enjoyable!
Taichung: Must Stay
Let your dreams take flight at the Stray Birds Hostel
Birds of the same feather flock here for a cultural fix.
Taipei: Must Eat
The Plants are here to change the way you feel about the veggie life
Pack light with the options here before you hit the streets to explore.
Taichung: Must Eat
Homey Brunch & Cafe does a great job of the day’s most important meal
Fuel up here before you head out to explore Taichung!

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