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Hokkaido: Must See
The beauty of Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill is truly timeless
Marvel at the gorgeous view from one of Hokkaido’s oldest landmarks.
Tokyo: Must Do
The variety at Shinyokohama Raumen Museum won’t leave you stranded
Hopeless ramen-tics will love getting the back story on these noodles.
Tokyo: Must Eat
Meat your fuel for exploring Tokyo’s oldest temple at Asakusa Menchi
This union of beef and pork is one that must be witnessed firsthand.
Hokkaido: Must Eat
Don’t leave it to luck – just head to Bistro Sachi for good food
Savour Hokkaido’s finest with French & Italian influences right here.
Tokyo: Must Eat
There’s nothing fishy about the freshness of the produce at Marukita
Food tastes better when it’s accompanied by a side of friendly staff.
Hokkaido: Must See
Otaru Canal is where you can bank on beautiful sights
It’s just as stunning by boat or on foot – especially in winter.
Hokkaido: Must Stay
Mix it up with the best of both worlds at Iwanai Kogen Hotel
Enjoy modern hotel facilities with a touch of traditional ryokan.
Hokkaido: Must Do
The sights at the Sapporo Snow Festival won’t leave you cold
It’s no wonder over 2 million visit this winter wonderland every year!
Hokkaido: Must Do
Have a swimmingly good time at Kushiro Washo Ichiba Market
The best way to enjoy the famous katte-don is to create it yourself.
Tokyo: Must See
The energy in the sleepless town of Kabukichō will keep you awake
From sushi dinners to street photography, there’s never a dull moment.
Tokyo: Must Do
A visit to Cat Cafe MoCHA is just what you need to perk you up
Feline therapy after a day of exploration will have you feelin’ fine.
Tokyo: Must See
World Trade Center has the best views of traditional and modern Tokyo
Elevate your perception with an overview of the city’s sights.
Hokkaido: Must Do
Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder at Otaru Beer
Set your eyes on Hokkaido’s first German-inspired craft beer brewery.
Hokkaido: Must Eat
You don’t have to be a ramen-tic to fall in love with Horyu Ramen
Taste the tradition at one of the original miso ramen shops.
Hokkaido: Must Stay
Soak up the good vibes at Jozankei Hotel
Discover the fine art of Japanese hospitality at this ryokan.
Hokkaido: Must See
It’s completely natural to be attracted to the sights at Kushiro Marsh
Deer, cranes and a horizon that goes on forever – what’s not to love?
Tokyo: Must Eat
Ameyoko hits the sweet spot with tasty and affordable food
You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with the variety of cuisines.
Tokyo: Must Do
Every day is a throwback day at Edo-Tokyo Museum
Get a glimpse of 400 years of history and culture in Tokyo.
Hokkaido: Must Eat
Sumibikabuto Hitsuji is a hot spot for hot plate BBQ
The meats don’t get any fresher than this – because they’re all local!
Tokyo: Must Eat
A crepe is your must-have accessory when exploring Harajuku
Don’t let the quirky fashion distract you from the tasty snacks.
Hokkaido: Must See
The lavender fields at Farm Tomita are a must-sea in Hokkaido
Come early to see the purple clouds created by the morning mist.
Tokyo: Must Stay
Read yourself to sleep every night at Book and Bed Tokyo
Fiction or non-fiction, Japanese or foreign language – it’s your call.
Hokkaido: Must Stay
Convenience is king at the luxurious JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo
Navigate the city easily right from the heart of Sapporo!
Tokyo: Must See
Tradition never goes out of style at Asakusa
Look out for surprises of sumo proportions while you’re here.
Hokkaido: Must Eat
Go back to basics with the fried chicken at Naruto Chicken Otaru
You can’t go wrong with a dish that’s been unchanged since 1965!
Tokyo: Must Do
Enjoy your tea set at Nakajima Tea Shop like shoguns used to
Go into zen mode while you have your matcha and manjuu.
Hokkaido: Must Do
Book a stay at the Shinshinotsu Campground if you in-tent to chill
Summer trips are best enjoyed with an onsen visit and a BBQ dinner!
Tokyo: Must Stay
No one minds getting into hot water at Asakusa Rox Matsuri-yu
Soak your fatigue away as you take in the view of the Tokyo Skytree.
Tokyo: Must See
Getting across the Shibuya Crossing is both simple and complicated
Crossing with 3,000 requires more than just looking both ways.
Hokkaido: Must See
Love blossoms beautifully amid the blooms at Goryokaku Park
From the water or 90 metres up, it’ll still be love at first sight.
Tokyo: Must See
Be welcomed by hundreds of maneki-neko when you go to Gotokuji Temple
Those seeking peace will attain a cat’s level of zen here.
Hokkaido: Must Do
Get set to have snow much fun when you go skiing at Iwanai Resort
Enjoy a clear run on the uncrowded and beautiful powder snow slopes.
Tokyo: Must Eat
Take a walk down Omoide Yokocho and pop into any bar for a break
Beer, bar food and banter with friends – a recipe for a great evening.
Hokkaido: Must Eat
The BBQ dishes at Sumiya aren’t offal; they’re delicious!
Get an insight to how tasty the insides of a pig can be!
Tokyo: Must Do
Even adults can play dress up too with a kimono experience
Add to the authenticity of your visit to Tokyo’s oldest temple.
Tokyo: Must Do
MariCar makes Mario Kart come to life on the streets of Tokyo
Why walk across Shibuya Crossing when you can drive through?

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