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Kuala Lumpur: Must Do
Go bar-hopping and see the city in a different light at night
The night is always young somewhere in Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur: Must See
Land a spot at Heli Lounge Bar for a prime view of the city
Have a drink or two while you take in the spectacular view.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Eat
There’s nothing strange about the crepe flavours at Strangers at 47
Some of the flavour combinations are surprisingly amazing!
Penang: Must Stay
Add a dash of local flavour to your stay at Spices Hotel
Spice up your life by chatting with other guests in the common spaces.
Penang: Must Eat
Snack on tradition at Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay & Canteen
60 years on, this place shows that good kueh is here to stay.
Penang: Must See
Get hooked onto the piercingly vibrant Thaipusam Festival
You don’t have to be a Hindu devotee to join in the festivities.
Penang: Must Do
Take home a piece of this dyeing trade at Rozana’s Batik
The most memorable souvenirs are the kind you make yourself.
Ipoh: Must Do
Seek sights, statues and solitude at Perak Tong Cave Temple
One of the town's oldest monasteries
Ipoh: Must Do
Go big or GoChin Pomelo Agro Farm
Visit an agrotourism site ideal for both children and adults
Penang: Must Stay
Live in the lap of luxury at Muntri Grove Hotel
This urban resort is the best place in George Town to recharge.
Penang: Must See
Walk the Narrow Marrow path and feed your creative hunger
Get to know local artists over sweet treats and smooth tunes.
Penang: Must Do
Go nuts over the many forms of nutmeg at Chowrasta Market
One floor up, booklovers will find a good reason to go crazy too.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Do
Art and design lovers will feel completely at home at L45
Check out a book while you check out the gorgeous minimalist space.
Ipoh: Must Eat
It’s love at first slurp at Laksa Saranghae Ipoh Silibin
A spicy coconut milk-based delicacy that will surely get your lips smacking.
Penang: Must Do
It takes two (wheels) to relive the good old days at Balik Pulau
Explore a kampung that has remained largely untouched by time.
Penang: Must See
Be adventurous and embark on a jungle jaunt at The Habitat
Ditch the concrete jungle and spend time atop the “lungs of Penang”.
Ipoh: Must See
Mural Art’s Lane: A back alley turned outdoor gallery
The town dazzles its visitors with public displays of artistic talent.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Do
Go local with locally-designed products at Ilaika
Enjoy a zen moment while you check out this multi-label store.
Penang: Must Do
Antarabangsa is the best place to get a cheap booze fix
No frills, just chill – with cold beers and the lowest prices here.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Eat
Black or white, enjoy yours with a rice bowl at Ebony & Ivory Coffee
The scrambled egg rice bowls are as comforting as the coffees.
Ipoh: Must Stay
Step into a retro dreamscape at Belakang Kong Heng
An industrial-chic abode defined by history and charms.
Kuala Lumpur: Must See
The arts community crafts a new lease of life for Zhongshan Building
Discover a vibrant arts scene within these four walls.
Penang: Must Do
Discover a treasure trove of rich biodiversity at Penang National Park
Be rewarded with interesting sights when you go off the beaten path.
Penang: Must See
Dive Strait into the lives of the rich at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion
Enter the lives of the crazy rich Babas and Nyonyas of the 1800s!
Penang: Must Stay
Old and new world décor go together like bed and breakfast at Sinkeh
It’s a performing arts space too, so catch a show if you can!
Ipoh: Must See
It’s no secret that the food and sights at Concubine Lane are amazing
From thematic cafes and handicraft stalls, visit the hipster side of Ipoh.
Kuala Lumpur: Must See
Don’t monkey around as you make your way to Batu Caves
The magnificent view at the top makes the 272-step trek worthwhile.
Penang: Must Eat
Nothing stacks up to the pancakes at Apong Guan
Don't be shy to strike up a conversation with the ever-chatty Guan!
Penang: Must Eat
It’s not hard to say ‘I Do’ to Merry Me Ice Cream
Discover the blissful marriage between local flavours and dessert here.
Ipoh: Must Do
Take a trip down Memory Lane’s Sunday Market
Old wares, odd wares – it’s a treasure wonderland out here!
Ipoh: Must Eat
Hit the jackpot on all local specialties at Restoran Vegas
A food court-style eatery vouched by the locals.
Ipoh: Must Eat
Dine at the very first halal-certified Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice shop
This legendary store knows Hainanese chicken rice by heart.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Do
Wake up and smell the coffee when you go café-hopping
Get your caffeine fix at Petaling Street, Bangsar, and more!
Ipoh: Must Stay
Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay embodies Ipoh’s rich history
This quaint hotel makes an ideal base to explore the old town.
Penang: Must Eat
Go bananas over the home-style food at Arati Vilas
Wash down the excellent array of delicious dishes with a beer or two.
Penang: Must Eat
Leave all diets at the doorstep when you get to Old Green House
All supper cravings will be satisfied with the wide variety here.
Penang: Must Stay
No two stories (and rooms) are alike at the 23LoveLane Hotel
Art lovers will be in for a visual treat everywhere they turn.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Stay
Hotel Stripes has earned its stripes for being luxe
Be sure to hang out by the infinity pool during the golden hour.
Kuala Lumpur: Must See
See a completely different side to Malaysia in Putrajaya
Check out the country’s only pink mosque and other interesting sights.
Penang: Must See
Frandy Beach Bar has set the bar high for prime sunset spots
Relax with a cocktail in your hand and dip your toes in the sand!
Ipoh: Must See
A perfect tribute to the illustrious filmmaker Yasmin at Kong Heng Newseum
An unconventional "museum" curated to inspire young creatives
Ipoh: Must See
Gain unlimited access into the world of fantasy at BookXcess Kong Heng
Occupying a former bank, the place has been filled with new treasures—books!
Kuala Lumpur: Must Stay
It’s not easy to find a place that’s as good as Gold 3 Boutique Hotel
Shopping to your heart’s content is much easier when you stay here.
Ipoh: Must Eat
Be lured to the tables of Kedai Kopi Yong Suan by an addictive aroma
The taste of this delicious dish will keep you coming back for more
Kuala Lumpur: Must Do
See the hills come alive with the swaying lalang at Broga Hill
Take the scenic route and be rewarded with a great view and photo ops.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Eat
Indulge in some five-star local food at Shangri-La Restaurant
The char kueh teow and dry curry noodles will send you to paradise.
Ipoh: Must See
The serene Mirror Lake is the perfect place to do some self-reflection
A hidden gem where you can peacefully connect with yourself in nature.
Ipoh: Must Do
Choose your adventure at Kledang Hill
Enjoy a spectacular hike on well-trodden routes marked by locals
Kuala Lumpur: Must Eat
Eat your greens among the greens at Botanica+Co
The pizzas and pastas here aren't just for veggie eaters!
Kuala Lumpur: Must Stay
Live in the lap of luxury and heritage at Majestic Hotel
You might never want to leave your room (or this hotel), ever.
Ipoh: Must Stay
Boring is not an option for the Merton Hotel
The exquisite design adds aesthetics to your IG feed
Ipoh: Must Stay
Enjoy the best of both worlds while Glamping at Tambun Lost World
Experience nature at its best at Ipoh's most popular theme park.
Ipoh: Must Do
Gunung Lang Climbing Park is Ipoh’s new Rock Star
It keeps you on the edge, literally
Ipoh: Must Eat
Top-notch dumplings you simply cannot miss at Canning Dim Sum
It’s a bona fide culinary attraction in its own right.
Kuala Lumpur: Must See
The street-side stalls aren’t the only thing to see at Petaling Street
Hunt down street art, hidden bars and more in KL’s Chinatown.
Kuala Lumpur: Must Eat
Infuse a little French flavour into your meal at Thong Kee Sea Park
Enjoy a French twist on kaya toast with coffee and tea in one cup!
Ipoh: Must Stay
Feel un-Bali-vably relaxed at the Ipoh Bali Hotel
Enjoy a peaceful respite from reality at this spa hotel.

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